offers a personalized service for your construction projects.

We have many solutions tailored to your needs, whether to make profitable your underway projects or to increase your income and number of order backlogs with an exact and strategic estimate.

We can also assist you with a claim during a contractual dispute, with unpaid work, and when claiming impacts resulting from work in progress.

In addition, we offer a turnkey service to accompany you throughout your renovation projects.

Lastly, we can help you in part or in full to optimize your needs.

Our services include the following:


  • Analysis of the documents contained in the tender (plan, estimate).
  • Monitor and follow-up on addenda.
  • Application for bid bond, structure the TES bid.
  • Statement of numeric quantities adapted to your business.
  • Optimized market price inquiries to suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Thorough analysis of quotes submitted for the project.
  • Prepare documentation for the bid deposit, including the bid forms, general conditions, etc.
  • Close joint bid with client.
  • Bid deposit to the BSDQ through the TES for subcontractors.
  • Asbestos jobs.


  • Digital bid adapted for purchases and project management monitoring and follow-up.
  • Negotiate with subcontractors, principal contractor, and/or client.
  • Progressive billing structure.
  • Accurately monitor project costs.
  • Monitor and follow-up on change orders.
  • Analyze, build, and submit change order requests.
  • Project closing, worksite completion documents (instruction booklet, as built).


  • Create a register of impacts.
  • Prepare the monetary burden for a legal dispute (legal mortgage).
  • Create the court brief.
  • Legal referrals for claim process.

Renovation and inspection projects

  • Analysis of your project and detailed estimate.
  • Resource register (subcontractors and suppliers).
  • Detailed explanations of work.
  • Evaluation of work during a house purchase.
  • Cost of borrowing for a major project.
  • Management and supervision of work.
  • Inspection and quality control.
  • Inspection of your new residence and evaluation of the cost of corrective actions.


My training is first and foremost as a master electrician, and I have nearly 24 years of experience as an estimator and manager.
After acquiring my trade, I learned to manage projects and ensure their quality.

Through many experiences, I have acquired a strong expertise in estimation, management, and quality control (architecture, civil, and mechanical).

I am known for my capacity for analysis and synthesis, for my strategic vision, and for being teamwork-oriented and effective.

Throughout your projects, you will certainly benefit from my experience.

Eric Savard